Essay FAQs

An essay begins with a question, your task is to answer that question. Your essay is graded upon how you support your theory, using evidence, reasoning, and referencing. Your opening paragraph will outline your argument, with slight differences depending on the academic school. Essays present an argument using evidence, whether this is philosophical text, ancient pottery, diaries of an anthropologist or case notes from a psychologist. You present evidence that supports your claim, explaining how it all fits together to support your theory. Well explained counter-arguments are vital to an essay, it shows an understanding of why others may use this evidence to arrive at a contrary answer. A conclusion summaries your work while drawing your argument to a close. Each academic school will look for different formats, placing emphasis on different aspects of this work. This information should be available in your Essay Guidelines issued by your school.

Each school of referencing/citation asks for information in slightly different formats, be sure to check which referencing/citation style your department is using. This differs between each school, department and discipline, be cautious about checking.

Similarly some schools are tolerant of using numbers while others aren’t. Likewise from ize/ise. This should be clarified in your essay guidelines.

With academic work a Creative Edit will try to focus upon directing you towards further study, correcting the argument flow, or holes, and using probing questions to help you develop areas in need. Ethically I do not believe in crafting an essay for a student. However, I can clean up language, refine structure, and help you to craft your argument by cutting through the dense forest of research. For instance a 2000 word essay can be much harder than a 10,000 because of how selective you are forced to be while still presenting an affect argument and showing your range of knowledge. Acquiring the ability to skillfully edit work, especially your own, takes time.

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