Proofreading vs. Editing


Proofreading picks up all the language issues prior to your work being completed. Tense, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, incorrect use of words or words lacking their full name and inconsistencies. A Proofread isn’t going to change what your work is saying, it will ensure your work is to a professional standard.


Editing is more complex. It covers small edits such as paragraph flow, sentence structure, and minor tweaking with vocabulary, to slightly more in depth edits correcting argument flaws in essays, plot holes in fiction, or character building. In some cases I can offer you a suggestion, a point in the direction which you should go perhaps, in others I will edit the work directly, this depends on the extent to which an edit would dramatically alter your work, or the specialist knowledge such an edit might require. In cases where I can identify more work is required but cannot edit this myself, I will leave a comment on the issue and direct you to it. Additional reviews can be arranged, you will find more information on the packages I offer for editing on the Price page.

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