Welcome Home

I set up my business The Birch Quill to bring together all my creative avenues. I’ve always been a magpie at heart with creativity and at times they seem disconnected, but they are all me and I’m happy to have this wee home where they can all live together.

I carry with me a nomadic soul and a home-sick heart.

For many years I have wondered, searching for a place to call home yet never finding the right one. It turns out that I needed to create one for myself, one that can travel with me where ever I go.

The Birch Quill has given me direction with my creations. With every commission my art grows along a new branch, with every new chapter I develop stronger roots as an author. I’ve edited stories for friends and strangers which brought fresh growth, and I get to be part of the loving whispers sent with my ink dipped pen.

I am living a life of intentional harmony with nature. I believe this land and the cycles of each passing year. we inhabit has much to teach us if only we slow down and listen.

As a business I strive to use these lessons to connect with my work on a deeper level; whether that is guiding you to reach new heights with your own creative project or being the instrument through which your ideas are born.

Here on my site you will find my own creations I wish to share, options for commissions, along with my musings on this world we share and the heart that guides me.

This story is unfinished but take a gander around my site if you would like to read more…

One thought on “Welcome Home

  1. Hello. I am new to beta reading and feel like I have stumbled onto a goldmine as I love reading and have always wanted more without having to change my career path/family time. I would be interested in reading your story. I don’t know much about the history other than a trip to the UK several years ago with my daughter’s soccer team, the Celtics, based out of Seminole, FL.
    Anyways, I look forward to your story.
    Thank you, Liza


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