I have adored writing for over a decade. At Edinburgh University my love of debate inspired an appreciation for the academic essay; then while living a nomadic lifestyle in the southern hemisphere I gained experiences which fuelled a dalliance with travel writing. This developed into life as a freelance writer. I learned to advertise schools, describe wines, ghost write. I was lucky to gain invaluable behind the scenes experience at a publishing house in Melbourne, which sparked my love of editing. Writing short stories in my spare time gave me a chance to explore lot of ideas quite quickly. But one story just kept growing and, while living in rural Ireland with very few distractions, I completed my first novel.

I’ve since reviewed board games for a gaming website, written articles on politics and culture, edited academic essays, blogged for a health, a politics, and a food blog, all while continuing my own dabbles with fiction, community outreach, and gardening.

The Birch Quill has been my dream since I came home to Scotland. As a young girl my Grandfather instilled in me skills of good penmanship, a broad vocabulary, and a vast general knowledge; these led to skills I have built my career around. The Birch Quill is a space to offer my skills and grow as a business.

Writing is the art of communicating. Do it well and you can achieve wonders.