Fiction Editing

Don’t cross out. (That is editing as you write. Even if you write something you didn’t mean to write, leave it.) Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, grammar. (Don’t even care about staying within the margins and lines on the page.) Lose control. Don’t think. Don’t get logical. Go for the jugular. (If something comes up in your writing that is scary or naked, dive right into it. It probably has lots of energy.)
Natalie Goldberg, Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within

What type of Edit are you ready for?

Do you think your book is ready for publication?

You’ve written your blog but know that it could use a polish?

A Final Edit is primarily Copy Editing, and depending on your project Proofreading.

(Which means any spelling and grammatical errors, inconsistencies, comments on any major problems which I cannot in good conscience ignore, the finishing touches on your words)

You need A Final Edit

Are you three drafts into a novel and starting to feel unsure on plot direction, a characters arc?

Are you looking for an Editor to steer your narrative, expand your story, and offer creative support?

My Development Edit includes a Line Edit, which looks at your language and how your story is being communicated. It seeks to elevate your narrative, deepen your characters, smooth out your plot. Your edited manuscript is returned complete with an editors summary, and the ability to accept or reject changes with comments online. Once these changes are agreed I will give your manuscript a light Copy-Edit taking care of any inconsistencies in the text, spelling, grammar etc.

You need a Development Edit

Do you have an epic story with little world building?

Or is your story lost?

(Brainstorming, research, taking the gems you have created and building a crown for them.)

You need a Creative Edit