Don’t cross out. (That is editing as you write. Even if you write something you didn’t mean to write, leave it.) Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, grammar. (Don’t even care about staying within the margins and lines on the page.) Lose control. Don’t think. Don’t get logical. Go for the jugular. (If something comes up in your writing that is scary or naked, dive right into it. It probably has lots of energy.)
Natalie Goldberg,ย Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within

What type of Edit are you looking for?

Have you rewritten your novel a dozen times? Is it everything it could be and now you just need an objective pair of eyes to give it one last edit? Your essay is almost set to go but a couple of paragraphs don’t flow well, your opening paragraph lacks punch, or you just want to make sure there are no points lost over trivial language matters.

You need A Final Edit

Are you three drafts into a novel and starting to feel unsure on plot direction, a characters arch, or conflicting messages? Are you looking for an Editor to steer your narrative, expand your story, and offer creative support? Perhaps your argument has sidetracked, lost in all of your research, or your business blog needs some creative flair?

You need a Development Edit

Have you drawn outlines of a few stories but aren’t sure which one to work on? Are you struggling to form an argument around your essay question? Is your story struggling to be heard?

You need a Creative Edit

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