Is this you?

Do you have an extensive back catalog of stories, poems, fan-fiction, cutting edge journalism which have yet to see the light of day? If you’re not sure which ones to develop, to pursue, to devote yourself to, then you need a Bespoke Developmental Edit to help you find your way.

Has a novel you’ve been working on for months, maybe years, ran out of creative steam? Or become jumbled? A Creative Edit would help you make sense of that runaway subplot and offer some kindling to feed your flame.

Perhaps you think its publisher ready but need some reassurance? Getting a Final Edit would make sure any small mistake or inconsistency was picked up before submitting. The Final Edit may suggest further work is needed, and should you agree with the suggestions, you can upgrade your Editing Package to a Development Edit.

Are you spending more time agonizing over grammar, paragraph structure, and vocabulary, than you are on the essay topic? A professional Proofread could make all the difference.

Have you thought about updating your website, or WordPress site, but dreaded it? Freshening up your content can often attract new customers, and revitalize your business. Content Creation can be for an About page, a blog, business news pages, informational aids, and much more.

Are invitations or thank you notes giving you anxiety, yet you had your heart set on Handwritten Notes? If there is a particular style you love include a photo in your email.